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Welcome to the user manual for Out of the Park Baseball 23.

Out of the Park Baseball is back with OOTP23, the latest version of the best baseball strategy game ever made. Unmatched depth, authenticity, and a bounty of offline and online gameplay make Out of the Park Baseball 23 an unparalleled experience!

What's New in OOTP23

  • New In-Game Tutorials - in-game guides highlighting all kinds of interesting information. Rookies and veterans alike will love these simple, powerful explainers - and more will be added all season long based on feedback from the community.
  • All new visual improvements: improved GUI, player faces have been added to in-game 3D models, and hundreds of new 3D animation updates have been added
  • The Live Starts feature now features Full Minors from Low-A all the way through AAA for each organization
  • Unlimited Alternate Uniforms: you can create Alternate uniforms for your team and designate the uniforms for days of the week and/or even specific dates of the year
  • Added new shop player types - shop for multiple players, and shop for prospect packages; also increased trade block offers
  • A completely new way to handle daily lineups - lineups can be set for up to 30 days in the future, can be tied to saved custom lineups, or a one-time-use lineup can be set
  • Custom Lineups and Custom Lineup editing has been significantly updated and improved to better set and manage custom lineups
  • Support for Draft Leagues (Tournament style setups where players are pulled from draft pool or feeder leagues)
  • Included templates for MLB Draft League, Cape Cod League, MLB Prospects League, and Northwoods League
  • Ability to specify eligible pool by high school/college year, and/or set leagues to pull from only currently eligible players or also include future draft eligible players
  • Sortable Team section, to allow filter and comparing various team stats or information about teams (records, history, park factors, financial/market info, coaching staffs, etc…)
  • Team vs Team standings page
  • Support for Ties, with multiple options
  • Full Double Elimination playoff option
  • Customizable round-robin configurations, so that round-robin playoff formats can include more variable playoff sizes
  • Tournament Scheduling now supports multi-game series
  • Tag controls and more filter options to in-game league and personal news messages, including tagging/multi-select and text search
  • Vastly improved internal batter vs pitcher calculation to better reflect individual matchups
  • Adjusted in-game stolen base logic, to better reflect top base stealers success rates, and added explicit hold runner decision, adjusted pickoff logic
  • Completely updated movement ratings, to better use the whole range of movement values
  • Redesigned catcher framing model, including league setting to control how much impact it has, and a fielding stat for framed runs saved (for both the catcher and pitcher - pitcher value for information only)
  • Improved in-game logic for sitting players
  • Improved historical balancing of ratings on import/recalc
  • New Options: team strategy options for situational percentages, new defensive substitution settings, separated global injury ratings into short term and long term injuries, more scheduling options for game time schedules, and new aging control
  • Online League Changes: a "sim waypoint" can be set to note on game calendar when sims occur and coordinate internal events like player contract negotiations, and a "Limited" Commissioner role can be added to perform sim actions but with no editing abilities
  • Perfect Team Changes: Tournaments now better adjust to the era (if set), players who can train at a position can now train to 100% (the limit for allowing training is now 5% of career games at a position), training has been slowed slightly, and pitching limits for low stamina SP have been adjusted

Along with the usual long list of smaller improvements, fixes, additions, and changes.

OOTP has an amazing number of options designed to allow you to create your ideal baseball simulation. This in-depth manual will walk you through OOTP in all of its glory!

There is a search function in the top right to search by keyword.

We hope you enjoy OOTP as much as we enjoyed making it for you!